9 03 2009

Reset.   Reload.

Oy what a past few months!!!  Will go into parts of it later.  I don’t want my first post from such a long absence to be too heavy.

My rector led a class last night on the sacrifice of Isaac from the reading in Genesis.  He started off by asking whether the story was grounded in history or grounded in myth.

To clarify what he meant by “myth” he wasn’t talking about myth in the sense of Greek and Roman myths, but more along the lines of being in the sense of parables.  For example, we know that in all likelihood the story of The Prodigal Son isn’t a true story in the sense that it actually happened or contains facts.  It does however, contain truths which Jesus was attempting to teach the disciples and anyone else who was listening.

A question the rector asked was, so is the story of Abraham and Isaac grounded in history or myth?  Did God speak to Abraham on top of Mount Moriah, or did the story develop over time to teach the ancient Hebrews that human sacrifice is not something that God wants his children to participate in?

There was a bit of back and forth and then someone piped up and said “I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive,” to which my rector replied, “Andrew*, that is a very good Anglican answer!  Congratulations.”

The point my rector was making was that regardless of the factual-ness of the story, the important thing is what it teaches.  Our faith is grounded in history, and of course no one is denying Abraham and Isaac were real people, but the truths the Bible teaches may not be actual factual accounts.



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9 03 2009

How delightful to see you back. I have been totally lame at blogging of late – lots of posts but few visits to others. I am determined to do some visiting tonight and my reader rewards me with your post.

I was actually just thinking of you a day or two ago and wondering if we would see you again.

I love this post. It reminds me of something my pastor always says, “Everything you read in the Bible happened. Some of it is even true.”

10 03 2009

Myth (as taught by my Hebrew Bible Prof James Sanders) = A story in which God is the principle actor.

Nice to see you back 🙂

10 03 2009

You BAD, BAD BOY! I’ve been worried. Don’t you do that again!

O.K Forgiven.

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