Holy Week in Review

13 04 2009

Well, we have come through the solemnity  of Holy Week and have come through to the other side into the brightness of Easter.  Our Easter celebrations were absolutely wondeful.

At our Easter Vigil we welcomed 12 newly minted Christians into the Body of Christ, about half of whom were adults.

Had the usual Great Red Neck Easter Brunch with SIR and some fellow southerners.  My dish of choice was the “Kentucky Hot Brown” at Bar Americain.  A Kentucky Hot Brown consists of a piece of French toast topped with turkey, cheese grits, some melted cheese, gravy, bacon and a tomato.

Gastronomical heaven.  Bliss.

We had a special guest at our 11am service on Sunday.  Former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea attended services at Grace 😀 .   According to the rector, they were very attentive, engaged in the sermon, and genuinely seemed happy to be there.  The sermon was excellent (and, by coincidence, had a few of the same points I made in my own reflection) and one of his best.

Our evening service was well attended and the congregation was also more engaged than they usually are.  Our 6pm service on Easter is full of those who look at all the goings on and listen to the sermon and basically dare you to move them.  I wound up doing everything but preaching and celebrating as we didn’t have a crucifer scheduled for the night … so in addition to that I also had altar guild duties, was a lector and a chalice bearer.

It was a very busy day, but very invigorating and fulfilling on many many levels. Our attendance was also up from last year (about 2000 between the Easter Vigil, 9am, 11am and 6pm services).

Reports of the death of the Episcopal Church, I am happy to say, are greatly exaggerated, at least in one corner of the East Village in New York City.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!



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13 04 2009

Still getting my head round my Holy Week. It’s coming out in dribs and drabs. Spending a week with nuns was good fun though.

19 04 2009
John Haynes

Hello, I’ve got a gripe. A big one to me. I was an Episcopalian for 60 years. Our brilliant son died at 35. My wife and I have some money. We are helping 3 guys,20-25. They are not gay. In fact they kind of had bad reputations because of ‘girls.’ All three were very good high school football players in a small town; and that means trouble. I am catholic as is my daughter, her husband, their two kids (my grandkids). Two of the young men had a question, very tame, about other churches attitude toward “touching themselves” as they refered to it. I sent them to Madpriest because it promised to cover “God, sex, and rock and roll.” The other question involved a catholic marrying a unitarian. One of the guys is marrying a unitarian though he is catholic. They followed all the rules.They Ask 4 times
if they could ask a question about boy-girl things. Their words. They ask several times because they wanted to be sure such questions were not offensive. The madpriest crowd responded viciously. Ridicule, demeaning comments about the size of their private organs, snobbish, spoiled rich brats–they were called everything in the book.

Now my question. All Episcopal blogs, except one I’ve found, are crazy with delight over Madpriest. Yah, he’s funny. But he and his ‘community’ are incredible vicious. I have gone to other Episcopal/Anglican blogs and they all take orders from madpriest. The lies they have told about these guys Alice (my wife) and I help are unbelievable. Total lies. What’s up. Are all Anglican bloggers in league. Even “Mimi” takes order (she denies it) from the MP “community. She repeats these awful lies. Are there any nice, decent, non-hateful Anglicans? Are they all faux Christians, more interested in being sharp tongue and ‘cute’ rather than having any real Christian qualities. Sure I’m mad!! I sent these guys to MP and they get called everything in the book. I guess I’m the fool!! Just leave this here, and I’ll bet within a few days, you’ll get MP disciples attacking me. The Episcopal Church I knew for 60 years is gone, replaced by half-educated liars. Jack

19 04 2009
John Haynes

BTW, I have a blog called Liberal Catholic Sports Music. It is hard to find for some reason. but it’s there. I was very angry when I commented above. I still am. Angry I sent the guys there; angry they were treated the way they were; and angry that Anglican/Episcopal blogs all swami(sp?) to MP. Don’t get me wrong he is funny as hell, BUT also his blog is so hatefilled. The purpose of the blog seems to be who can say the most outrageously hateful thing. Jack

11 05 2009

Hey RevBoy…We are getting together in New Brunswick on 6/5..Wanna join us? Padre Mickey might be there…Let me know!

28 05 2009

Hey, I don’t kow-tow to MP. But, I’m not really an Episcopalian anymore so…
Episcopalians are, with some lovely exceptions, mean and not overly Christ-like. Just my experience.

Linda Diane McMillan

26 07 2009
John Haynes

Gads, I had foregotten I came here. No response for so long. I do want to reiterate that the Anglicans I see on blogs are, with one of two exceptions, vicious beyond belief. I think this is because they were once the “in” church; now they are useless group squabling over gay rights, which I support; but is that the sum total of all Christianity.

10 08 2011
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23 10 2011

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