Integrity Eucharist

14 09 2009

OK 3rd post today, and probably the last until tomorrow….

The Integrity NYC chapter is having a Eucharist this Sunday at St. Luke in the Field in Manhattan at 4pm.  We’re delighted that Bishop Roskam, our Suffragan, will be celebrating.

I will be preaching.

The Reverend boy’s preaching debut will be in front of a bishop.

No pressure.

Update: You should probably check out our chapter’s  blog to get the full gist of it.  And we have a very nice graphic

Eucharist 3



3 responses

14 09 2009
Frank Clark

Break a leg but not the bishops! 🙂

15 09 2009

Welcome back, your absence was noticed.
Your preaching debut is before a bishop-how exciting. It would be cool if you were able to provide an audio link so we could hear your sermon, or at very least the printed text. Best of luck!

15 09 2009
Reverend boy

Thanks Jeffrey, it should be a great service. I don’t think there will be anything recorded but I’m sure there will be pictures.

Also found out they’re putting me in the procession too with cassock and surplice and everything.

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