Where is God?

17 09 2009

No,  I’m not having a crisis of faith or asking some existential question.

This is a question I ask myself when things are particularly rough or difficult.  For instance, work is difficult and family stuff is difficult and will continue to be so for quite some time.  For the most part, I don’t mention specifics to too many people other than SIR, my personal Atheist or Sista girl (all three of whom, mind you, should be at the Integrity Eucharist on Sunday).

One particular session with my Spiritual Director, I vented for a few minutes about all these two different (but major!) stresses in my life.  She sat back and listened calmly and then asked the question as she sipped her tea, “so … where is God in all this?”  I replied that was a Very Good Question.

I’m not sure where God is, but I know that God’s there.  I mean as far as work goes, the issue stems from being overworked and the typical thing of having too much to do and not enough time or people to do them.  The people I work with are wonderful and we are all in this together.  So in one sense, I suppose God is in our little group as we are a community of sorts.   Even with the ever looming spectre of job losses or reshuffling or whatever, at the core of my self  underneath all the stresses is a lack of real anxiety.

For whatever reason, I’ve observed that no matter how stressful or just plain bad things get, everything just has a way of working out.

Now, for those who think this might sound a bit naive, I’m not talking about just sitting back on your haunches, God is on his throne in heaven and earth, and all is right with the world.  Hardly.

The point I’m making here is that God is not some genie-in-a-bottle that we pull out when things get tough and grants wishes.  If we’re faithful in doing our part, God will be faithful in doing God’s part … with the caveat, sometimes what God’s part is may not be clear or is usually not what we expect. 😉



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18 09 2009

I know and share that feeling right now myself!

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