Oy! Where does the time go?

4 02 2010

So, I’ve been gainfully unemployed for almost a month now … A MONTH!

I mean, really, where does the time go!

Very soon, I’m off to Key West for two weeks …

(My friends say to me “only YOU would would find a way to spend the first few days of Lent by the pool in Key West.”)

At some point over the weekend or maybe early next week my Personal Atheist and I are going to peruse laptops so I can post on occasion while I’m there and maybe work on a project my parish has asked me to get involved.

So what have I done with myself since being out of work?

Morning Prayer at “Smokey Mary’s?”  Check

Breakfast, lunch, dinner?  Check

Gym?  Check

Catching up with friends?  Check

Early Spring Cleaning?  Sort of…..it’s been slow going….

Bunny Slippers and Cheetos?  Check. Uh, Nevermind.

However, all is not entirely rosy in the Reverend boy household as my roommate informed me last Friday that he was sacked.  So, now we’re both not working.

Meanwhile, my roommate’s cat, Dexter, has decided that it really enjoys the fact that both me and my roommate are both home, and it’s really happy about that.



One response

29 07 2010

HA! Clever ; ) WordPress had you linked on one of my blog posts, so I had to check you out.
I too am gainfully unemployed, as of March 31… RC though, so I spent a lot of time visiting churches, cathedrals, and basilicas recently, on my way to and from Brooklyn.
LOVED St.John’s and St. Bart’s in NYC…
Next stop… KEY WEST !!!

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