Integrity New York Farewells

18 05 2010

Last night the good folks of Integrity New York held a meeting in a diner to speak about “where do we go from here” and “what do we want to do”

Lots of great ideas were put forth onto the table, including how to spread our reach into New Jersey and Long Island and basically the New York Metro Area.

I pray that the nascent efforts on our part over the past few years will bear some wonderful and ripe fruit.  The desire and ability is there to have a vibrant chapter, but what is sadly lacking is people.

See:  The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. (Luke 10)

Still, it was nice to get together with the folks this week, and it was wonderful to have received some lovely gifts as a token of their appreciation for my efforts as convener.

There was a wire-metal cross adorned with a whole bunch of celtic shapes

There was a stained-glass type decal to put on the Blessed and Holy Jeep Saint Jeronica

And my personal favourite …. a copy of “Hymns Ancient and Modern.”  I have a small hymnbook collection from when i was child up to the 1940 and 1982 hymnbooks of The Episcopal Church and this will supplement them all quite nicely!



2 responses

26 05 2010

It was kind of odd to meet you under the circumstances of the rest of the group saying good-bye, but it sounds like you are off on quite an adventure, and I am glad to be among those trying to keep the effort going in your absence, and that we’re getting acquainted this way even as you take your leave. I look forward to hear about the next leg of your journey.

16 10 2011

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