10 Days to Go

20 05 2010

In just 10 short action packed days, my Personal Atheist and I will head down to Key West.  We leave Sunday, May 30, and arrive in KW Tuesday evening, June 1.  He’s going to take a few days to enjoy the town and then I’ll drive him to Miami so he can catch a flight to New York.

The PA was the first real New York friend I met when I moved to the city and it’s kind like coming full in that he’ll be the last one to see me off.

Today, Sista girl showed up bright and early, fresh from her trip to Mexico with the Holy and Blessed Jeep Saint Jeronica full of artwork, plants, a cutting board (!), and not a few gallons of paint.  Between now and Sunday, she’ll be putting her own imprint on the apartment and then this Sunday, her stuff arrives.  A few things from Crate and Barrel arrived before I left for work this morning and once the delivery guys had left, she looked at me, smiled and said quite cheerily (but pointedly!), “Well, I guess you’re going off to work soon aren’t you?  I’ll be just fine here, thanks.”

Over the past month or so, my life has increasingly become not my own.  There have been many extended good-byes … too many to count already.

As of this morning, I no longer have an apartment, I have a room.

Between now and the 30th, I simply do not have any real time to myself except for what I carve out before work, just before bed, and whatever mental health breaks i can sneak in during the day.

Between now and the 30th, every evening is full of farewell dinners, brunches, get togethers with friends and quite frankly, even before today, it has gotten to the point where i really would like an entire day to veg out, which i haven’t had in at least a month between clearing out the apartment, making sure quality time with friends are well spent …

Yesterday, though, I had a bit of a revelation … the Holy Spirit whispering in my ear if you will.

None of this is about me.  It’s about everyone else.

Bringing a sense of closure.

Moving on.

To friends in the blogosphere and the rest of the Internet, not much will change for them.

But for people who have blessed and enriched my life for the past 8 years, this is the time for their friendship, love and companionship to be honored and acknowledged.



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