LGBT Staffers on Capitol Hill

24 05 2010

This is pretty interesting … from Politico of all places.  Emphasis Mine.

Gay Staff Association Relaunches

The Gay and Lesbian Staff Association spent its early years trying to protect the identity of its members, acting as a support group for closeted congressional staffers.

But now the organization is taking a sharp turn, encouraging its members to be more public about their sexual identities and more vocal about promoting gay and transgender rights legislation. Now called the LGBT Congressional Staff Association, the group is relaunching, with the mission of making members of Congress and their staffs more aware of how integral — and integrated — gay staffers are in modern congressional culture.

There’s more …

Both potentially explosive issues [ENDA and DADT .. Rb] face staunch opposition from both conservative lawmakers and family-values lobbyists. But the LGBT Congressional Staff Association, with 50 dues-paying members and hundreds on its mailing list, is taking several steps to unleash an offensive, expanding the group to include transgendered staffers, rewriting bylaws and electing five new officials.

They also want more staffers — Republican or Democrat — to come out of the closet, which they hope will add a personal element for lawmakers who may be wavering in supporting gay-rights bills.

I, for one, am dying to know how many Republicans vs Dems are dues paying members or on the mailing list.  Considering that “conservative lawmakers and family-values lobbyists” seem to have a tendency to get caught up in a scandal and/or exposed to be hypocrites, I would not be surprised to learn of a Republican-heavy list.

The whole thing is worth a read.

I do like this quote from Rep. Barney Frank (Democrat of Massachussetts, who is out)

“…there already are people running around on Capitol Hill in insane outfits. They just happen to be congressmen.”

I still am trying to get my head around the fact that this story was released by Politico.  Wonders never cease.



One response

24 05 2010

FINALLY! The only antitdote to the poison of homophobia is to tell the truth about our lives. The more of us who can be out, need to come out. I don’t care where the news came from, it’ s GOOD.

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