Going Native … The First Month

30 06 2010

Well, it has been 30 days since arrived here at “the end of the road,” or as someone said to me last night “this could be the end of the road or the start of a journey!”  Obviously, the hope is the latter….

As folks who have followed me along on Facebook know, I’ve landed a job working at the Key West Shipwreck Treasures Museum, where the official title for the position is “actor,” as there is a script to learn as well as a costume to wear.  All of us, except the main character, are in clamdiggers, long-sleeve shirts, suspenders and a straw hat and we hang about outside the museum.  The main character is dressed more like a Victorian-era gentleman and he is inside most of the time giving the bulk of our presentation.  I’m also learning the script for the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour which will be starting up in August at night.  In that instance we come up with our own character and name following some guidelines and suggestions.

Today I’m enjoying a day off and moved from the vicarage to a room in a duplex.  During the day, St. Jeronica remains parked and I get around doing what needs to be done on a bicycle, which a new friend of mine was generous enough to give as he no longer had use for it.

So now that I have a place to live, steady income, transportation and am making new friends as well as growing older ones, then I suppose you can say I’ve been successfully grafted into the life of  a new community.

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It’s Always the Woman’s Fault, Isn’t It?

12 06 2010

Think Progress reports this you-can’t-make-this up quote from Pat Robertson during an edition of the 700 Club.

Go to http://www.thinkprogress.org for the original (sorry blogging from blackberry, so can’t link to the post yet).

Ugandan Bishop to Visit White House

8 06 2010

This is pretty cool … And +Gene Robinson is attending.

Hat-tip to Walking With Integrity


June 8, 2010WASHINGTON DC:

Bishop Christopher Senyojo–a courageous spokesperson for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons in his native Uganda–is scheduled to visit the White House this evening. He will be accompanied by the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, the Bishop of New Hampshire, and others. They will meet with Denis McDonough, Samantha Powers, and other foreign policy officials of President Obama’s administration. Bishop Senyonjo is expected to share his grave concerns about the “kill the gays bill” currently being considered by the Ugandan Parliament.

At the invitation of Integrity USA, Bishop Senyonjo has been touring the United States during the past month to raise awareness about Uganda’s proposed “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” and the severe criminal penalties LGBT people face in Uganda. Over the past four week he has spoken to hundreds of concerned Americans in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York, and Washington DC.

For details about Bishop Senyonjo’s tour and to financially support his ministry in Uganda, please visit http://sites.google.com/site/bishopchristophertour.

Press contact:
John Clinton Bradley, Acting Executive Director
585-360-4512 office
585-313-1059 mobile

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From the Crossroads of the World to the End of the Road

7 06 2010

Well, I’m here!  And it’s HOT.  And drenched with sunshine.

It’s been just about a week, and I’m settling in nicely.  My Personal Atheist and I made the drive in 3 easy-going days, stopping in Raleigh, NC the first night and Jacksonville, FL the second night, finally arriving in Key West on Tuesday, 1 June.  It was quite an experience to drive down the Overseas Highway at sunset.   The Personal Atheist got to meet my mother over lunch last week, which was a treat for her as she’s never met anyone from Israel before.   She also has never met (to her knowledge) an atheist either!

Vacationing somewhere is very different than, say, living there, so I spent a day touring around town in the Blessed and Holy Jeep Saint Jeronica, found such essential things away from where all the tourists are like the gym and some other shops.  Everyone here is very friendly (some too friendly by half … ) and I have to tell you it is quite a colorful group of folks that live here!  As this is a family blog, I shall refrain from going into detail, but I will say that if I could write a book of things seen and heard and probably pay for seminary.

After spending a few days getting situated and meeting folks, I have started a job hunt.  In addition to the headhunter, I’m looking in the paper and craig’s list.  In addition to looking for a “job” job, it was suggested that I do some volunteer work to get something “key westy” on the resume as the locals have a very strong sense of community.  Which makes sense when you live on an island with a year-round population of 25,000.

On the job front, I have to say it’s quite liberating when you’re not looking to do anything in particular except make enough to pay the bills and have a little left over for disposable income, as opposed to say, furthering your career. For example, one of the local tour guides has an opening in their “haunted key west” tours, which could be kind of fun as a part-time gig, especially at Hallowe’en.

I spoke with the Vicar about the discernment process, if he had anything in mind for me to do specifically.  Obviously the first thing to do is to get to know the parish and more importantly let them get to know me.  And when a need for ministry is seen, fill it.

My new parish, St. Peter’s, was very happy to have a new member.  The parish is small, but has one of the biggest spirit and gusto I have witnessed.  It was the last Sunday our organist was serving prior to her going off to university, and some folks brought over some delicious food during coffee hour … fried chicken, two kinds of macaroni&cheese, cornbread, meatballs, and there was cake for dessert. After the repast, the Vicar and two other friends of mine went to brunch along with the a priest supplying at St. Paul’s while its rector was out of town. It turns out she officiated the service and celebrated the Eucharist sporting a very lovely pair of rhinestone-studded black sandals.  Needless to say, she is a lot of fun and we all wished that she come back to visit soon.

I really think I’m going to like living here, for however God wills me to be here.

Quote of the Day

3 06 2010

We Americans have this uncanny knack for reading the Bible without ever even seeing all that it has to say about money, wealth, possessions, property and the poor. It’s a remarkable kind of cultural blindspot and really a pretty amazing trick. It’s like reading everything Tolkien ever wrote but somehow missing all the business about hobbits and elves.