Shameless Self Promotion

4 07 2010

Well, not exactly.

Last week St. Peters and St. Pauls parishes in Key West celebrated our first ever joint service for the Patronal Feast of Ss Peter and Paul.

It was glorious, and promises to become a new tradition with the idea that we alternate buildings each year. I cannot post pictures as you apparently have to purchase them prior to downloading but if anyone is interested, you may view them at

We’re towards the back.

In other news, I’m getting a great introduction to Anglo-Catholic worship. Gary, our sacristan (for lack of a better title), is truly wonderful and will be a great teacher. My hope is to be one of the folks in the congregation who can actually do everything but celebrate. Fr Don (aka Fr Hemingway, because he looks like dear Earnest with a beard) is great as always and Mo. Sarah, our Deacon, is simply FABULOUS! If anyone needs a clue as to what permanent Deacons do or what they’re vocation is like vs that of a priest, spend Sunday morning with her.

In other news, since it seems I’m firmly grafted into the life of the community that is Key West, another hope is to start up lectionary reflections again. These travelogues that’s been posted the past few months are nice, I suppose, but one of the main purposes of this blog is to talk and think about what God may be trying to say through the lectionary.

I cannot almost hear the Doorman-Priest say “at least you’re posting…”




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