Anglican Communion Update… Episcopalians Still In

26 07 2010

Big Ecclesial news day apparently….

The Anglican Communion Standing Committee (or something…I can’t keep track of all these offical titles) is currently meeting.

When the question of ‘what to do about those pesky Americans’ came up, this is what has happened

“A proposal from Dato’ Stanley Isaacs that The Episcopal Church be separated from the Communion led to a discussion in which Committee members acknowledged the anxieties felt in parts of the Communion about sexuality issues. Nevertheless, the overwhelming opinion was that separation would inhibit dialogue on this and other issues among Communion Provinces, dioceses and individuals and would therefore be unhelpful. The proposal was not passed, and the group agreed to defer further discussion until progress on Continuing Indaba project had been considered.”

Not that I personally think there’s any real chance of us getting expelled, but its nice to see something ‘official.’



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