22 01 2011

I had every intention of writing at least one post this week but life got in the way.


Gone Galt

13 01 2011

It appears that I have once again ‘Gone Galt,’ a phrase used by a secular blogging community where I lurk which means that I’m withholding my productivity from the blogosphere.

Not much to report except I had a great Christmas and New Years hosting my dear friend Mark. SIR stopped by for a few days last week to pay a visit and meet all the Key West co-horts. My Personal Atheist will be visiting in late February for his annual birthday vacation.

Everything continues to be great here, and this island is definitely the place to be to figure out what to do with the next chapter of one’s life. Quite an enchanting place to call home for a few years and I will be sad when I move on. Living here requires a rather simple lifestyle compared to that of a big city, but I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Expect at least semi-regular posting to resume shortly after the weekend.