Characters in a Never-ending Story

23 05 2012

The Bible is a lot of things. One of those things is a collection of stories of how people grow and develop, and what God does in people’s lives when God steps in and meets them in their trials, their doubts, their joys, their triumphs…..

Storytelling is how God inspired the writers of the Bible to explain who God is, and what he is about, and why he insists on not giving up on the messy folks made in God’s image. In the same manner, by hearing or reading about someone’s story, you can find out everything about them. And so, in order to properly re-introduce myself to the blogosphere, it is only meet and right to tell you mine: how a country boy from North Carolina found himself in New York City and then later found himself in Key West.

What I plan to do is to create a series of posts and then consolidate them into a series of links on a separate page of this blog so anyone can see at-a-glance the meandering pace that life has a funny way of placing you in the most unlikely locales……

So without further adieu, we shall start as Julie Andrews would say, “at the beginning….a very good place to start…”

Footnote: Be glad i am not starting as Charles Dickens would… Namely, “I was born. To begin my life with the beginning of my life….I was born.”




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