The Other Side of Life

31 05 2012

In one of my previous posts I talked about how sometimes you have to be taken completely out of your environment for growth to happen. Key West is one of those places you can do something totally different than anything else you have done in your life and make some money doing it.

When I first got here I fell in with a Ghost Tour that got started up by a local tour company and after a year I found myself as the Operations Manager for the tour.

Below you will find some obligatory pictures of how I earn my living. We dress up as dead people from Key West’s past and tell folks ghost stories as they go through town. Half way through we bring them inside an old civil war era fort to meet our local legend Robert the Doll, who is said to be cursed or enchanted. Many of my friends who have come to visit have gone on it and have had a blast. We work hard but we have a lot of fun.

I also confess I get no end of surprised looks when I tell the good people on the Diocese what I do for a living…and I am highly amused each and every time.




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