Quote of the Day

10 06 2012

I believe, with every bone in my body, that patriarchy is a result of sin, and that followers of Jesus are to be champions of equality. I believe it is our calling, as imitators of Christ, to reflect God’s new vision for the world, initiated through Jesus Christ, in which there is no hierarchy or power struggle between slave and free, Jew and Greek, male and female, for all are one in the family of God

Rachel Held Evans

A Glimpse of Ordained Life

10 06 2012

It is often said that those in the ministry wear many hats, and it is true. Not only do you do what you do every Sunday, leading in worship and doing your darnedest through the grace of God to give the congregation something to inspire them to be more like Jesus, to do something good for their fellow man, or even just to get through another week. You also help run a not-for-profit entity and are involved in fundraising, building maintenance and administration. You also do the important work of meeting the pastoral needs of the community to where you are called in all of its messiness and glory.

And sometimes you do that all in the same day.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to serve in the altar party at a funeral for one of the matriarchs of the Bahamian Community in town. I did not know the family but in my own small way I shared in their grief both at the church and by Father Sullivan’s side at the committal in our cemetery. Everyone is buried above ground here and the family plot wasn’t too high as of yet so Ms Charlie Mae had a nicely made crypt for her body to rest.

Immediately after we snuck away sensing our role was completed, I had lunch with a friend i hadn’t seen in a while and it was good catch up about things.

And finally, I went to an absolutely insane night at the Ghost Tour with not a lot of business show for it. I also spent a considerable amount of time with a new employee helping to train her so she can give tours and also helping to give her some perspective on what it means to live here as she recently moved down and is discovering that living in Key West is not the same as vacationing here.

As I was relating this to Father Don today in greater detail, he says to me ‘This is what I do every day. Welcome.’

after spending some time reflecting on that, and coming to the realization that I have gotten a glimpse of the many hats and sometimes the many hearts you wear in the course of a given day, I discovered that there really is no where else I would rather be.

It is not easy wearing all those hats and hearts, but I am thankful for the grace and wherewithal to do it.

Power is not like Pie. It’s like Loaves and Fishes

2 06 2012

This is really awesome

In this post, Kathy Escobar talks about how systems of Patriarchy see power as pieces of pie. Some get bigger slices so that means that some get smaller. After all there is only so much pie to around right?

But in the Kingdom of God, power is like Loaves and Fishes. The more that it is shared, the more it multiplies.