Meet the Breeds!

20 10 2009

Last weekend was a dog and cat exposition at the Javits Center called “Meet the Breeds”

SIR and i met up with a work colleague / friend and took in the sights and sounds of 160 different breeds of dogs and about 46 breeds of cat.

They had the usual booths set up for all types of pet products.  We went straight to the arena where the dogs were having relay races and then went to see all the different breeds of dog.

This bloodhound was very friendly and decided he wanted to be my friend … though he is looking at the cup of coffee very intently …


The Devil that is Facebook

18 09 2009

So, I recently joined Facebook against my will.  You can find me under my real name, David Casey.  Please stop by and say hey if you have time.

I say against my will, because I received an email from someone on a listserv I read saying “look at my pictures from this event on Facebook” with a link.  I follow the link, and am asked to enter my email address, first name and last name.  Next thing you know, the screen goes “WELCOME TO FACEBOOK!”  and within an hour I have 11 friends, several suggestions, and a plaintive request for me to post a picture.   I did post a picture of a very Anglican looking Weimeraner until I can get a decent picture of myself up there.

Shortly thereafter, I saw i got another email on my blackberry saying someone wrote on my wall (which sounds quite suggestive and possibly kinky, but I digress … ).  So, once again, I followed the link on my blackberry, and next thing you know, my blackberry now has a Facebook icon on it.

I feel like I’ve been caught by the matrix.  Anyone have a blue pill?

I have found it useful to keep in touch with friends and stuff.  Integrity NY has a page on there and it is also has a notice about our Eucharist on Sunday.  One of the possible attendees is a professor at General Seminary.

Does anyone know of a crash course in “How to Survive Coffee Hour?”  If they don’t teach that at seminary, they should.  I understand it can be treacherous.

Seriously, it seems as if it’s coming along very nicely and I’m quite excited about it 🙂  If you’re in town around 4, please join us at St. Luke in the Fields at the corner of Grove and Hudson.  Should be quite lovely!

UPDATE: Apparently there are “about a million” David Casey’s on Facebook.  I’m the one who lives in New York, NY and whose main photo is a very Episcopalian looking Weimeraner.