Weight gain!

17 06 2008

I have a weight problem. My tendency is to be underweight.

A couple of weeks ago, SIR thought that I had lost weight. I had been feeling a bit stretched and thin lately, and i hadn’t been going to the gym regularly DESPITE the fact it’s part of my “rule of life”…

So I went to weigh myself and discovered that I had lost a few pounds.

I realize the vast majority of people out there wonder why this would be a bad thing, but when you’re 6’1 and you discover that you had dropped 10 pounds since the new year (160 down to 150) this is NOT a good thing.

I’ve been making sure that I have been getting plenty of exercise and eating LOTS of food.

Not junk food. My taste for fast food / junk food is next to nothing, though I admit I do get cravings for McDonalds breakfast on occasion.

In any event, I am back to 156 and hope to be back to my normal weight of 160 before too long. Unless I plateau I might even go a bit past that in time for my upcoming vacation, where I’ll be lounging around the pool for a week in Key West then off to visit SIR in Cape Cod for a few days the following week.

My goal is to level off at some point around the 175 – 180 range, which would put me at “just right” for my height. As difficult as it is for me to gain weight, I figure this will take me quite some time …

UPDATE: My boss decided to contribute to my cause by buying me a cookie.