A very moving poem

18 04 2007

This is a very moving poem on the Virginia Tech massacre. 

The author is truly a gifted writer of poetry and prose.  I especially enjoyed how she weaved liturgy and the promise of the Resurrection against the background of such a tragedy.

Please visit Good News in the Wilderness.

Behold, he swooneth!

16 04 2007

The Mad Priest has given me a compliment which I really don’t deserve.  When he finds a blog that he likes, he refers them to his global following … Here is what he writes ….

THE REVEREND BOY: A gay, evangelical, episcopal priest wannabe (fingers crossed) with one of those blogs of which the design is so damn good that you hate the blogger as soon as you visit his site. The writing lives up to the design, which is, of course, another reason to hate him. However, I shall put the tidiness of his site down to some sort of mental illness and welcome him as a long lost soul brother. As far as I can see his evangelical tag is to do with his desire to spread the good news and certainly nothing to do with any political affiliation…

The proof of such undeserved compliments can be found here at his blog, here

He did miss the bit about me being a kinky boy who has a SIR, but maybe he didn’t want to embarass me upfront.

I should send him a Corkscrew of Anglican Infallibility, though something tells me he probably doesn’t need it as he seems infallible already.